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Iím So Sick of This Race

I can’t stand it anymore. I started this blog with the idea that it would snowball and in some ways it actually did. At one point there were something like 8 people writing regularly for it, all from different parts of the country and all young and in college. I think that my feelings began to be echoed by others, however, and collectively the posts began shrinking. I am still reading blogs pretty regularly and the fact that very few of them have reached the conclusion I have almost makes me sad. My friends on the left, it is time to stop this spectacle of a campaign process.

I watched parts of the ABC debate this week and I was happy to see that the blogosphere and even some mainstream news agencies finally came around to critiquing these ridiculous pundits in the media for harping on issues that matter to absolutely no one.

In the era of 24 hour news networks we are experiencing a time when things that do not matter now matter because it is something for talking heads (and faceless heads in the blogosphere) to shout about. And so we get all excited about a pastor who says what he, and many people including me, in this country think about how racist and backwards we are. We get all worked up when Hillary says she landed amidst gun fire in Bosnia and then see a video of her landing there. Then when the candidates get on TV and have a chance to actually address some of the differences between them (of which I can find very few) we sit through pointless questions that do not matter to anyone, least of all the voter at home trying to find a difference between these candidates other than race and gender.

But perhaps that is the only difference we need. And perhaps this country is backwards enough to pick a President based on people they’ve met or spoken with, or how old they are, or if they can answer a phone call, or if they are a woman, or if they are black but not black enough… I’M SICK OF IT!!! Just stop it. We have made our democratic process into a spectacle where more money is made showing campaign coverage then the candidates themselves spend on the campaigns! Perhaps reading all of the celebrity gossip magazines has poisoned America’s brains to the point that we now want to know all of the same asinine bull shit about our politicians that we do about Brittney Spears.

Now I am willing to believe that I am in the minority. It is very likely that my friends and I are not representative of the American populace. However, I had thought that after the Decider we’d be past the “who I’d want to have a beer with” rational for picking a President. Hillary continuing in this race, even if I do prefer her to Obama, is sucking the life out of the Democratic party and out of this country. And you know what, she probably will win in Pennsylvania this week, but it won’t change a thing! However, it will give the folks at CNN, MSNBC, FAUX NEWS, and all the political junkies with blogs out there something to debate about, and get excited about, and get us even further from the issues of this race.