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Personal coaching software tracks sleep, diet, fitness

Do you want to lose weight, but lack the will and motivation? Do not worry because there is now a new application that serves as a digital personal coach. What it does is that it monitors the overall fitness, activity, sleep pattern, as well as diet? Aside from that, it also gives helpful tips on how to improve your overall fitness and productivity.

Larklife gathers information through a wristband and the application will give essential advice based on the said smartphone application. It can detect whether the wearer lacks sleep or whether the wearer engages in sedentary lifestyle.

coaching softwareThe application makes you feel like you have your own personal fitness trainer, sleep coach, and productivity coach too. This application is said to be the easiest way in improving your overall health. This is according to Julia Hu, a CEO and co-founder of Mountain View.

If you have not slept much during the night, the application will suggest that you add extra protein on your diet. Based on research, protein rich foods can improve mental alertness. It will also suggest that you drink plenty of water approximately 30 minutes after workout. Water is very important in keeping your body well hydrated.

The application is the product of ever improving wearable technology market. As a matter of fact, it will be expected to double by 2014. This is according to the research conducted by Juniper Research. Most wearable technology devices use smartphone applications to display the gathered information.

If you are going to look at the current market, you will notice that the number of health and fitness tracking applications continue to increase. Hu said that her product stands out among the rest for it delivers real time advice, which is more accurate than any other health mobile applications.

Data is very essential, but the most important thing is how to interpret the data. There are a lot of health conscious in dividuals, but only a few of them are willing to shave seconds of their time to significantly improve their energy and overall productivity.

If you are searching for real-time wireless coaching application, then Larklife is the perfect choice.